Friday, February 06, 2009

Prawn dishes at Kitti's

Kitti's Place

Coincidentally, my friend Daniel came over yesterday and after some debate, we went to Kitti's Place in Sausalito for dinner. Since Daniel leans towards family-run cozy places, I thought he'd love Kitti's.

Ga Prow Kai Dow

It was unfortunate that the server seemed rather impatient and it seemed like she was trying to steer me to dishes I wasn't interested in, although I was very specific about what I wanted. I had my eye on the Ga Prow Kai Dow, which usually has a choice of chicken or beef for the meat aspect. I requested shrimp as a substitute. The dish is stir fried with a basil in chili garlic sauce over jasmine rice, topped with two fried eggs. I got the impression that she felt I wouldn't enjoy the egg addition. Ah, but that was the draw! An unusual combination. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish with its protein punch!


Daniel ordered the Scampi, which I vacillated between before settling on my dish. The scampi is described as large prawns with white wine, garlic, butter, lemon, and parsley with brown rice and sauteed mixed vegetables. Most unfortunately, Daniel really thought the sauce tasted 'off', and he had me try it. It was very sour and over-garlicked in a way that I wasn't fond of either. I somehow think a little sweetener would have taken the edge off. Daniel tried a few more bites before he requested a change of dish. The server was gracious in bringing over a new dish - one that matched mine exactly except for the switch to brown rice. Daniel thought it was much better, and tasted 'typically Thai'. I've had many a wonderful meal here, this was the first time there was anything off about what came to the table.

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