Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Value lunch for carnivores

Hot Wok

My mother taught me that the centerpiece of the meal is the MEAT, which you then plan side dishes around. I think that this was not only about the protein content, but also the fact that the meat was usually the most expensive dish on the table. Dad and I stopped in to Hot Wok in San Anselmo the other day, and found that considering the quality and amount of meat in the dishes, and the price, this is a great value place. However, I don't eat meat.

Vegetables Lunch Combo

There are no labels on the dishes in the glass case, but a paper sign does say that vegetarian egg rolls are available. Of course I chose those, and the proprietor was so friendly and helpful that he took just the green beans from one dish, and some mixed vegetables from another to give me a veggie entree. I had to pick around the delectable looking chicken in the chow mein, and the pork cubes in the fried rice. This wouldn't work for a strict vegetarian, but I enjoyed my meal and kept the feeling of being mostly vegetarian this way. And the vegetables that he picked were great! I didn't see any seafood options.

General Tsao's Chicken Lunch Combo

Dad was in heaven with what looked like a General Tsao's chicken in a mildly sweet sauce, and he had no issues with any of the meat. He loved his lunch, and at the same time, the portions were so generous that we both took a good portion of ours home and enjoyed it once again, reheated. It won't be my hang out simply because of the meat-laden entrees, however the meat looked good, all white meat chicken and the beef had a nice appearance as well.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 0
Noncritical: 0
Last inspected: 6/10/2008


Howard Foster said...

This place is closed

Howard Foster said...

This place is closed