Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sign of the times

Former Chili's

"For Lease", that seems to be the popular sign popping up on restaurant fronts all over. Not to mention retail spaces. I was SHOCKED to be passing Chili's near Northgate Mall in San Rafael and see it sporting this new sign. It seemed to still be busy last time I was around, and have a reasonable price-point. It's not my typical type of place to review, but I have people, especially kids like the twins, who loved this place so I found myself here.

Chili's closure sign

Here's all the news they left. Rohnert Park the closest? I just can't see myself driving that far for this kind of place, even with the twins cajoling. Not when Chili's are nearly as thick around their home in So. Cal. as Starbucks. Anyway this made me sad, and shocked.

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