Sunday, February 08, 2009

Beautiful day in Inverness

Busy Bee Bakery

It was one of those days that was planned over a week ago, but plans changed completely at the last minute. Since a trip with a friend to the Orchid Show in Santa Rosa fell through, I was vacillating between a day of housecleaning, and a mini-trip to West Marin. Since I vacillated publicly on Facebook, my friends gave me a hand in deciding that a mini-trip was in order. So Dad and I headed off to Inverness around noon and spent a slow day driving, stopping and shopping there. I'm going to post out of order and start with the last part of our trip. On our way back down the Tomales Bay coast to go home, we stopped at the inviting Busy Bee Bakery in Inverness Park.

Peanut Butter Cookies

It was quite cheerful and charming, and so was the person behind the counter. We got a couple delicious peanut butter cookies and ate them on the deck outside. And it was warm enough to do so. This place is very much in the countryside, there was a herd of goats just across the street! The Busy Bee Bakery also has freshly made soups and quiche so it will be fun to drop in another day and try a lunch there.

Evening Shoreline

We decided to drive down the coast all the way to Mill Valley, and we felt like stopping at a scenic stop just outside of Stinson Beach on the way to Muir Beach.


The sun was going down. It's interesting that I was standing in the same spot as when the previous photo was taken, I guess the camera just adjusted for the bright light in the sky. Still, I thought it came out in an interesting way.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 2
Noncritical: 4
Last inspected: 1/12/2009


Zoomie said...

You made the right choice! :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Come on. That last photo? It's AWESOME. Very sci-fi.

Anna Haight said...

Thanks for your encouragement to choose the out of the house option Zoomie!

Cookiecrumb, that's it, Sci-Fi, must be why I liked it too! Thanks!

Catherine said...

Beautiful shot! Really amazing!

Anna Haight said...

Thanks Catherine, these were taken with my big Cannon Rebel XTi.