Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tsukiji Sushi

I'd previously made some posts about a building that has long been closed in Sausalito. It appeared that a new Japanese restaurant, Tsukiji Sushi would be moving in. Then a big blue 'for lease' sign appeared in the window. I speculated that perhaps Tsujiki was not coming after all. In the last few days, a new double doorway appeared in the building! It is easily identifiable in the right part of the photo, being made of lighter, unpainted wood. Is the building being divided into two spaces? Is Tsukiji coming after all? Stay tuned, and if you know anything about this mystery, please comment!

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Anonymous said...

Try Mill Valley I hear it will be opening in May 2009

Anonymous said...

it's on Sunnyside in the "restaurant killer" building (5-6 restaurants in there in the last 7 years). Most recently was a restaurant called "Oro".