Thursday, April 24, 2008

Netting some good food

Pacific Catch

I introduced a friend of mine to Pacific Catch the other day. I didn't plan to blog the visit, since it hasn't been so long since my last post about this location, but since we were having things that I hadn't blogged about previously, he graciously gave me the time to snap the photos before we devoured the delicious fish dishes.

Salmon Sandwich

Michael had the wild salmon sandwich which was on the Daily Chalkboard Specials list. He said the bread was fresh and fantastic, and the salmon good too, although it could use a 'kick up' in the spicing as it was a tad on the bland side. He said the sweet potato fries were also good.

Ahi Poke Wasabi Bowl

I tried the ahi poke wasabi bowl. Imagine the contents of a huge sushi roll, unleashed! It's really too big for one, but if you don't overindulge on the sushi rice base, it's manageably delicious. Pacific Catch really works well as a destination when you have a split group where some want Japanese inspired dishes, and others desire typical creative coastal seafood fare.

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