Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Solar Powered Pizza

Stefano's Pizza

I ordered a pizza delivery the other day from a new place, and it was so good, and so intriguing, that I had to check it out in person with my Dad. Solar-powered pizza, and something that was so good it was devoured as quick as it hit my table? Stefano's in Mill Valley is at least the first in California cooking pizza with solar power, and maybe first in the U.S.

Half Vegetarian Half Greek Favorite

It was evident from the seating and service that although you can eat in, it is really meant for the take-out option. Our half Vegetarian and half Greek Favorite was again as delicious as our first take out pizza was.

Caesar Salad

Interestingly, our Caesar salad arrived quite a bit later than the pizza. The tables were small, and the portions large here so we had to co-opt the table behind us as well until we ate enough pizza to balance the salad dish half-way on the pizza plate. Wow was that romaine fresh, and oh why did they drown it in the dressing? Next time I'll request it on the side. A pizza experience to repeat and feel good about with solar power carrying the energy load.

NOTE: Arrived in Santa Barbara in good time via an Enterprise rental car. My car needed it's engine cooling system replaced. High marks to customer service for the rep who offered to be my personal GPS on demand, just call and ask away. Wouldn't do it, but what creative effort! It's lovely here, with perfect temperatures and a room with a deck across from the ocean. The hotel's proprietor told me that Sambo's is still the best breakfast around, so that's a likely spot to find me in a few hours.


cookiecrumb said...

I've consumed many, many Stefano's pizzas. Not superb, but just good enough to keep you comin' back for more. (And, well, it was convenient, before I moved. BTW, they're not new; perhaps you just meant new to you.)

Anna Haight said...

Yes, just new to me. Agree with you, and they taste pretty special delivered when you've forgotten to cook, it's late and everyone is hungry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna! is enjoying your reviews! As we don't yet have the capacity for lots of reviews (we're BIG foodies!) we're going to create a link to your blog in our Community/Blog section!
Keep up the fun reviews! And get your belly over to Fork! :)


Anna Haight said...

Thank you Megan, and good luck with your venture. Yes, Fork is definitely on the list!