Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Convenient, Fast Mexican

Lucinda's Mexican Food to go

I'm not a fan of to-go, so when a restaurant is ONLY to-go, it takes me a long time to get around to trying it. Any number of people said that I should try Lucinda's Mexican Food To Go, which is very close to my home, and so I made it a point when I needed a quick lunch last week to try it. It's very close to Strawberry Village in Mill Valley.

Bean and Cheese Tostada

I was pleasantly surprised at the menu which offered brown rice as an option and touted a number of healthy improvements over standard Mexican fare. It is obviously a local favorite as there was a line out the door from when I arrived, and still when I left. I thought I'd try a couple things although sure I'd not finish (correct). First up was the bean and cheese tostada for which I chose black beans. Tasted great and I loved the finely sliced romaine. The person who made it thoughtfully put some waxed paper over the sour cream so it didnt' stick to the lid. The one thing I would do otherwise is replate this salad before eating. The ecological paper plate had a tendency to sog and I ended up cutting and eating pieces of it, thinking it was part of the tortilla!

Spinach, tomato, and cheese quesidilla

Next up for sampling was the spinach quesadilla filled with spinach, tomatoes and sundried tomatoes, red onions and cheese. It wasn't my cup of tea, but all the ingredient were quite fresh and the sundried tomatoes were a nice flavorful touch (even though I don't like sundried tomatoes!). Fresh and quick, Lucinda's is nice to have in the neighborhood.

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