Tuesday, April 08, 2008

An old Marin name in Italian


Joe's in San Rafael is not to be missed if you like the feel and taste of an old style Italian restaurant. It is family run, and there are a number of Joe's gracing various cities in Marin. Dad and I made our way here last evening for a friendly meal. And I was able to exorcise a first (and last) date from the past that took place the last time I visited this beautiful setting.

About the date, it was obvious from the beginning (to me) that it wasn't a 'match', and I twisted myself up into Celtic knots trying to kindly let this genuine, decent and deserving man understand that it wouldn't be a happy thing in the long run. He greeted me with a red rose at the door of Joe's, and after dinner we went to The Depot Bookstore in Mill Valley, where I picked "I Married Adventure" off the shelf and purchased it, commenting on what a cool marriage that would be, exploring the world together. I read a quote from the back "The essence of this story is that two people, very much in love, followed their dreams, living a life full of risks and far from the comforts of home." Meanwhile he got excited about cookbooks and said how he dreamed of making chicken soup at home for his love, and that he'd never been out of the country, and would be 'afraid' to step a foot out of the U.S. Sigh...

House Salad

So back to present time, Dad and I each enjoyed a house salad which was lovely with lots of flavorful touches. The waitress had a very cheerful personality and commented how lucky I was to have my Dad with me, that hers was now living in a nursing home.

Ravioli and Meatball

Dad ordered a 'side' of ravioli with meatball thinking the smaller size would suit his appetite. He loved it, and it was still too much, so we brought a doggie bag home for another meal. Yes, it was generously portioned even for a side dish size. He pronounced the meal 'great' and insisted on picking up the tab.

Clam Linguine

I had the linguine with clams in white sauce. My long time readers will have noticed what a favorite of mine this dish is. Those who love freshly made linguine rather than the dry style will want to come for this dish. It was the first thing I noticed about it, and these noodles were really great! The clam sauce was done nicely too, and mushrooms were added for interest. The reason that this place has been a fixture in Marin for years was once again demonstrated in our gracious greeting, superb service and delicious food.


Anonymous said...

glad to see a good blog on this place. we live near by and are occasional customers. I took a picture of the Joe's as well:

Anna Haight said...

Nice photo! Taken wide angle in nearly the same place I stood!