Sunday, April 20, 2008

Keeping close to home

Bayside Cafe

Happily, things are hopping at work, so lunches can become a quick affair, such as take out from Molly Stone's (awesome sushi) or a neighborhood place like the Bayside Cafe. The staff is friendly and helpful, even when you ask for strange veggie combinations (later).

North Sausalito houseboats

The day was beautiful too, and I noticed that they have a covered patio with a fountain, something I've missed in past visits. I couldn't resist snapping this scenic view from just behind the cafe.

Taco Salad

When looking at the menu, the taco salad with feta cheese and cilantro dressing called, but it also had ground chuck. I noticed that the Cafe also serves Gardenburgers, so I asked if they wouldn't mind chopping up one and substituting it for the ground beef. He quickly said no problem, and not wanting me to miss their actual vegetarian salad, asked me if I noticed it as well. I explained that I was craving the taco style. The vegetarian salad looked appetizing as well, grilled veggies over romaine. The food is good here, the prices reasonable, and the staff makes you feel welcome and your order comes promptly. Perfect for anytime, and especially when needing to up the efficiency of time when lacking it.

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