Sunday, April 06, 2008

Last but not least

Bangkok Thai Express

And this post marks completion of dining and reviewing ALL of the Thai restaurants in Marin! At least those that I know of, please leave a comment if I've missed a place inadvertently. And it's an old favorite I had not been to in a long time, Bangkok Thai Express.

Shrimp Chips

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this Thai place still serves Shrimp Chips as a treat. This used to be customary at many Thai restaurants, but has disappeared in the last few years. These were crisp and had a great savory dipping sauce.

Crispy Thai Express Veggie Rolls

Speaking of sauces, the one that came with the Crispy Thai Express Veggie Rolls was superb! And the rolls were good too.

Baked Rice Fresh Pineapple

Bangkok Thai Express also got the spicing just right, without even asking. It was spicy, yet not so spicy we didn't enjoy it. The Baked Rice Fresh Pineapple dish was beautiful as well as delicious. We had them substitute tofu for the chicken, and it also contained prawns, pineapple, young corn, mushrooms and jasmine rice.

Railroad Track Veggies with Tofu

Our other main dish was Railroad Track Veggies with Tofu. It was made with wide rice noodles stir fried with vegetables and basil in a special garlic and Thai herb sauce. It was so good, Dad picked off every last visible piece from the serving plate! And we were each treated to a bottle of water -- with a note that they are treating their customers to a free bottle in celebration of their 18th year of business. Very friendly, very prompt and good food, what more could you ask?

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