Thursday, April 17, 2008

Anna's Cool Finds = #1

Imagine my surprise when reading Jo's "Taking Over the World One Bite at at Time" blog out of nearby San Francisco, to find out that Anna's Cool Finds was ranked #1 by Boorah for blogs reviewing restaurants! Since this was 'old' news by the time I read it, I decided to make a 'Google Alert' on my own name in case something like this popped up again.

And what do you know! My own name popped up again on an alert for a Boorah article yesterday, which again ranked Anna's Cool Finds #1 and provided more details on the top 100 restaurant blogs. All out of a friend's prompting and sharing my fun. Still finding it hard to believe. Will some one pinch me?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Anna - Congratulations on being Ranked #1. We Love the content you generate and the value it offers to readers and visitors of restaurants in/around the marin county.