Saturday, May 05, 2007

CJ Chinese Cuisine

Nicely sauced.
CJ Chinese Cuisine in Larkspur has been on our list to try for some time. In downtown Larkspur places are often dictated by whether there is parking to be found. A space opened up near CJ's and so we tried it for dinner.

Empress Chicken

We had the Empress Chicken first, which was served in a light garlic sauce with perfectly cooked fresh green vegetables. The waitress served a bit on each of our plates, so all the photos show dishes less about two servings.

Cherry Pork

Next followed Cherry Pork, lightly floured and deep fried pork with cherry sauce. It was good, not too sweetly cloying but a nice melding of sweet and savory.

CJ's Chow Mein

At the same time our CJ's Chow Mein came. It has chicken, beef and shrimp all mixed in with the vegetables and noodles. Servings were all generous, so we took boxes home. We also spied an inviting patio in the back with a big red Chinese latern. This is definitely Chinese American food done well, but nothing fancy.

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AuntieAnn said...

I just found your blog, looking up Cafe Lucano.

I tried CJ's only once. Maybe it was an off night, but everything had much too much salt and I haven't been back. One of my other Chinese friends doesn't like it, either. Maybe I should give it another try sometime.