Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hilda's Coffee Shop

Since 1960.
Hilda's Coffee Shop has been serving San Anselmo for nearly 50 years running. Simple and spare but with friendliness shared. Dad wanted to go out after having been in a full time care facility while I was in Chicago, and we chose this as the first venue last Sunday.


Out came the "There's no place like Hilda's" menus and we poured over the sandwich selections and white board for the specials. Hilda's also serves breakfast all day.

Veggie Burger & Green salad

Dad chose a veggie burger with side of green salad. He loved it!

French Dip Sandwich

I was rather indecisive, but the waitress said the French Dip was really great today, so I tried it. There is also a choice of skinny fries or steak fries, I chose the steak. She was right, it was quite good!

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