Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mac 'n Cheese on Deck

Do I like to cook?
Seems like a certain theme comes through sometimes. A friend of mine asked me the question last week, and then I had two e-mails this week from other friends I hadn't connected with in years (who found me via this blog), and they had queries along a similar vein, or the "I envy you" eating out all the time. Well I do like to cook, and I don't actually eat out all the time. Can look that way, but there are three meals a day... and I have this complex about blogging something a little different or nicer than everyday noshing. You can really get that if you go to Group Recipes and look at the things I've cooked that I've chosen to blog. (How often do you think I really cook jellyfish and chicken salad?)


So I've blogged last night's dinner -- yes! Mac 'n Cheese out of a box! A nice box of Whole Foods brand white cheddar... but still a box. Dad and I enjoyed it on the deck, he with a glass of cranberry juice, and I the last bit of port in a bottle I'd in my cabinet. We enjoyed the view and the sound of Canadian Geese and Mallard Ducks in the bay in front of my condo, and just relaxed while Dad told me his favorite memories. And I have to say, my 'homemade' Mac 'n Cheese was a lot more economical that the Presidio Social Club's Mac & Cheese at $14.95 per serving! (My eyes bugged out at that one the night before last.) I'm sure they use the highest quality freshest cheese and fresh heavy cream, but hey, Dad and I liked our powdered cheese mix out-of-the box one just fine. We finished with some Good Earth herbal tea, and shared a bar of Seattle Chocolate's "Extreme Chocolate", which contained cocoa nibs in dark chocolate. Maybe I should blog some "restaurant leftovers redux" sometime. First hint: if it wasn't good the first time, the next day won't make it any better!

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