Wednesday, May 30, 2007

La Ginestra

Family Italian.
It had been some time since I visited La Ginestra, and I was happy to find it virtually unchanged. Totally a family restaurant with food like your Italian grandmother may make. To the right of Dad and I was the most elegant couple, who looked as though they were made for each other, and at a certain age (maybe close to getting a senior discount), still could gaze into each others eyes like the young infatuated couple a few rows down and to the left. There was an entire family in back of us, grandmother with the requisite white hair and pink cheeks, cheerfully checking in with the three grandkids, while her husband headed up the table, and Dad looked like a corporate escapee, just losing the jacket in the car. Mom was pretty and smiley too. In a booth two down from the couple just made for each other was a soccer mom, and handsome Italian boyfriend who were casually dressed. The boyfriend was telling the little soccer player, who looked like she just came off the field, some stories waving his arms while she giggled. Dress up, dress down, either way just be comfortable here.

Garden Salad

Dad started with the Garden Salad, and enjoyed the crisp and nicely dressed greens.


I started with the traditional, garlicy caesar, and it was good as well.

Chicken breast with tomatoes and artichokes and polenta

Dad tried the chicken breast with mushrooms, artichokes and polenta triangles. He said the breast was moist and the flavorings good.

Linguine with Clams

I chanced the linguine with clams. I usually do not like this dish when it isn't made with clams in the shell. However, this one tasted like there was an Italian grandmother in the back, who was carefully shucking the tenderest clams so her favorite family member wouldn't have to work to get at the meat. Deliciously rich clam flavor and tender pieces in abundance graced this. The noodles could have been a tad more al dente, but it was a very satisfying dish overall.

A note that if you are a foodie, and haven't seen Waitress yet, it's well worth watching just seeing how the lead expressed herself through food.

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