Friday, May 11, 2007

Taqueria Bahia

Language barrier. Scanning the menu at Taqueria Bahia in San Rafael, I noted the two most expensive dishes were $10.50, one was a pork favorite, and another a name I didn't recognize. I asked the woman at the counter where you order, what is "Milaneza"? She said something garbled that sounded like "Chicken 'n Steak". I asked her again and she repeated "Chicken 'n Steak". Ah, I thought, something that has a bit of both, no matter the sauce it will be something new to try, so I ordered it!

Chips and Iced Tea

I was given my iced tea, and pointed to the warmer table where it was dish up your own tortilla chips and whichever of the several salsas you'd like. I sat at a comfortable wooden booth with a tile table.


Then out came my Milaneza... awk! Chicken-fried Steak! oh no. I had NO idea that this was in the Mexican repertoire of cooking! And maybe not really... it was awful! Greasy and over-browned and grisly to boot. The toughest old piece of shoe leather this side of Colorado. Now I did see some attractive looking more 'normal' Mexican dishes going by my table. The refried beans were quite good, and the rice fresh and well flavored. I will try this again sometime with a more usual order. I also noticed that they serve breakfast all day, but they don't open until 10 a.m. which puts them firmly in the 'brunch only' category on my list.


my hyggelig said...

Oh no! My husband favored this Marin joint over some of the Mission stops we used to make. I always asked for veggie - it's amazing the magic folks can work with a tortilla, rice, beans, and cheese. This was never my favorite spot - but I do urge you to try it again. I wouldn't eat chicken fried steak at a restaurant in my new hometown, let alone in San Rafael - what an odd menu option for this place. Ah, the adventures in eating we all have eh? I got a good chuckle at your description.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've tried Mi Pueblo in Novato, also second location in Petaluma, but if you haven't I think you should check it out. Pretty good.