Sunday, May 27, 2007


Breakfast on the Barbie. Okay, the photo is out of order, the naked organic California plump red strawberries were the finish of the meal. But hands down the star -- these strawberries overshadowed all else! So here they are in all their succulent ripeness, ready to be plucked off the page into your mouth.

Breakfast Grill

I forget how easy and fast grilling is in the morning. It was such a glorious morning, warm sun, snowy white egrets preening in near view so grilling became the only option! And actually its quicker, since I can put all the toast on the grill at once!

Tea steeping

While I grilled, the cinnamon spiced tea steeped in covered mugs.

Finished breakfast

The grilled items quickly followed, completing a delightful repast.

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Elle said...

Anna, that looks really yummy. Those strawberries got me drooling.