Thursday, May 31, 2007

La Maison de la Reine - door

In March I reviewed the pho at La Maison de la Reine, and this time Dad and I went back for a warm weather lunch. A Vietnamese friend introduced me to Bun, or vermicelli salad, a few years ago, and I was hooked. These cool noodles are especially good in summer.

Tofu and Imperial Roll Vermicelli

So naturally, I ordered vermicelli noodles with crisp tofu and vegetarian imperial roll. This is a great vegan treat. The waitress queried if I was a vegetarian. The response was no of course, but logically, as an omnivore, I should be eating more plant based food than anything else since there are more varieties to try than meats.

Lemongrass chicken

My Dad ordered the Lemongrass Chicken, which he enjoyed to the last piece on his plate.


I also enjoy the fresh drinks here, and ordered their fresh lemonade. It comes in a tall glass and tastes like what is called a "Lemon squash" in Japan - not too sweet. The staff here has always greeted me warmly and served a nice meal. Before I started on my quest to try all restaurants in Marin, these used to be a frequent hang out.

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Anonymous said...

the lemonade looks good - very refreshing. I prefer mine on the not too sweet side as well.