Friday, July 24, 2009

Chinese Restaurants in Marin

Photo credit: iStockphoto

Chinese restaurants in Marin - It's time for an update to the list. Whee! I'm really close to having eaten at EVERY Chinese restaurant in Marin, really.

Please let me know what I've missed.

Chinese restaurants I've tried

Corte Madera
P.F. Chang's

China Village
Szechuan Chef

Hunan First

Kin Wah Restaurant

DJ Chinese Cuisine

Mill Valley
Chinese Deli
Lily Kai
May Lee's
Peking Wok
Young Can Wok

China House
China Palace
China Village
Dragon Cafe
FuZhou Super Buffet
Happy Garden
Ming Yen
Jenny Low's
Shanghai Garden

San Anselmo
Hot Wok
China Villa

San Rafael
Bamboo Garden
Confucius Restaurant
House of Lee
Little Mandarin
Peking Wok
Ping's Mandarin Restaurant
Szechwan 7 Chinese Restaurant
Tsing Tao
Yet Wah
Yu Shang

Feng Nian
Panda Express
Tommy's Wok

Ming's Restaurant

Chinese restaurants yet to try

China Express
Garden Court

San Rafael
Combo King Restaurant
King of the Roll

Other Bay Area Chinese

168 Restaurant

San Francisco

Golden Gate Dim Sum
New Hong Kong
Shangri-La (Vegetarian)
Superior Palace
Ton Kiang


margot said...

Do you have a favorite? The only place I ever go is Tommy's Wok (oh, and occasionally PF Chang's because it's right by my house). I love it so much and I'm afraid other places won't measure up.

Zoomie said...

An impressive list of deliciosity, Anna. You go, girl! But which is your favorite?

kudzu said...

May Lee's is no longer there, in San Anselmo. There is another Chinese restaurant -- whose name I don't remember, the food was so lackluster.

Anna Haight said...

Kudzu: Thanks very much for letting me know! I took it off the list. Now 5 to go until I've made the complete rounds...

Anna Haight said...

Ok Margot & Zoomie, this is a tough question. I choose different favorites for different reasons. I have to say Tommy Wok's in Sausalito is my all around favorite, followed closely by Harmony in Mill Valley.

That being said here's how else I think and choose:

Dress up and good:
Tommy Toy's
Yet Wah

Dim Sum:
House of Lee

With an 'American' twist:
PF Chang's
House of Lee
Panda Express

Tommy Toy's
Jennie Low's
Panda Express

Cheap/reasonable and toothsome lunches:
China Villa (San Anselmo)
Panda Express
Shanghai Garden
Bamboo Garden

Je ne sais quoi:
DJ Chinese Cuisine
Kin Wah
Szechuan Chef

Anna Haight said...

Oops. Dress up and good should say Tommy's Wok rather than Tommy Toy's. Tommy Toy's in SF IS actually great in that same category.