Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two cooks didn't spoil this pie!

Apple-Peach Pie

Jonathon and I made a pie in a very casual way. He picked apples from his tree, and brought a pre-made pie crust. I had fresh peaches, pecan bits, tapioca, dark brown sugar, butter and almond extract. He peeled the apples while I peeled the peaches. I dumped in according to his measure, and he filled up the pie. Forgetting the butter, Jonathon carefully peeled back the upper crust to insert cut up cubes. Despite the hodge podge way we 'cobbled' the pie together, not only did those homey pie-baking smells permeate the house, the result was incredibly delicious! Hear hear for two cooks!

I'm headed for points south (strawberry country) for a business trip early this morning (got to get some shut-eye!). Glen will be watching the house and my Dad, and I may or may not get a post in on the road.

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Zoomie said...

That pie sounds amazing. Have a good business trip but don't be surprised if there's no pie left when you return!