Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Miso Pickles - the beginning

Daikon Radish

So I thought I'd show Collette how to make traditional miso pickles. Of course, she'll have to come back after the three month curing in order to see the finished result...

Miso Pickles

And Auntie Anna mistook the amount of miso needed, so the hacho miso (red) is topped with a white miso. These pickles are quite easy actually. Just peel a daikon radish, slice in quarter inch slices, and half those if you have a big radish. Then layer them between miso paste in a jar that is airtight when closed. Then simply deposit the filled and closed jar in your refrigerator for three months. Check back at the end of September to see how these turned out!


cookiecrumb said...

Three months? I want them now.

Anna Haight said...

You and me both Cookiecrumb!