Thursday, July 10, 2008

This and That

Wild Tomato Plant

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Catherine of Albion Cooks. She invited me to her birthday party that happened at Il Fornaio last night, and it was so fun to meet her and her friends, including another food blogger, Emily who writes Vegan Knitting. The food was over the top, and the only photos taken were of the women, not the food. What a convivial crowd! I had a feeling we'd have a lot in common after following her blog, and having met one other food blogger, Elle at Feeding My Enthusiams. Seems we food bloggers usually have more in common than not.

In the meantime, my tomato plant is growing like wild, and little round green tomatoes are popping up all over!

Tomatoes growing

I'm like a kid growing that first plant at school, you know the little bean you put in a wet paper towel in a glass, and constantly watch to see if it's 'grown'? I noticed today that some of the green ones are turning yellow! I don't know why this was so surprising, I mean did I really think I'd get up one morning and the green ones would have changed overnight to bright red?


Elle said...

Anna, I'm sure I would have loved meeting the other bloggers...they sound like a fun bunch. Spent all day yesterday 15 feet up on scaffolding helping Charlie put up tar paper and then siding on the south side of the house...we found major water damage from two windows, one on each floor. Took down the scaffolding to return it this morning at 7:30, then went to work. Life just seems to get more packed with stuff.
Hope you and your dad are doing well and enjoyed the 4th. Very exciting about your tomato plant...isn't it fun to check it out each day to see the baby tomatoes and older ones turning color? You will be amazed at how wonderful a tomato from your own plant tastes!

Catherine said...

It was fab to meet you! We must eat together again very soon!

Steph F. said...

I love gardening posts! Your blog is lovely all around, but my favorite posts are about gardening.