Monday, July 07, 2008

I must be on an Italian streak


I took the kids last week to an established Italian restaurant on Clement Street in San Francisco, Giorgio's. It's been there 35 years, and with the current owners for 25. It has a well-worn interior, but very friendly staff.

Cheese and Garlic Bread

I ordered some garlic mozzarella bread for the table. It was good, but not exceptional.

Penne in Meat Sauce

Toran, the 9 year old with the hollow leg did a good job of getting away with a large serving of penne with meat sauce. He said it was very good.

Vegetarian Lasagne

I had an excellent vegetarian lasagne. It was made with fresh spinach and mushrooms, as well as freshly made marinara sauce and lasagne noodles! I kept stopping the server and asking -- wow - you have to have made the sauce/noodles from scratch! And she'd answer in the affirmative.


Collette & Aurelia shared a 'small' calzone that covered a large serving plate! The Xtra Large must cover the table! They created the interior ingredients themselves, pepperoni, mushrooms, and I forgot what else. They couldn't even finish the half of it together, so it came home for a snack. There was certainly no room for dessert after these hearty entrees. It is kid-friendly, yet has no children's menu.

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Just got back from SF, too bad I didn’t see your post b4, the food looks good…