Friday, July 11, 2008

Cool chirashi


With all this hot weather, I was craving something cool for lunch. I happened to be near Japantown, and thought I might find something good along those lines there. I noticed that Miyako appeared to be updated, so I went in for a try!


Of course, my meal started with a good miso soup.

Vegetarian Chirashi

And I was excited to try a vegetarian chirashi. And if you've been reading my blog long, you know how I love chirashi! The vegetables were set atop of a cool bowl of sushi rice. There was a delicious and crunchy seaweed salad, cool cucumbers, marinated bamboo shoot, marinated shitake mushrooms, pickled burdock root, yellow pickled radish strips and vinegared ginger slices. This was a perfect lunch for a hot day! Miyako also provided a personal fan for each table. A very nice summer service idea.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the cool Happy Hour Menu in the front and decided I would give it a try. Pretty good, 3 apps and a small sake for $10.95. Had 3 apps and 2 large sakes ($7 each) bill was $34.00. That hurt! Why? It voids the Happy Hour if you make any adjustments,they just don't tell you until you are done. With over a $5.00 tip my little visit set me back $40.00. That hurt. so, buyer beware, they are a little sneaky but seem very nice.