Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The $80 Bear (I think, it could've been more...)

Collette and Hershey Bear

Today Collette and I went to the Marin County Fair with Toran, Aurelia and Jo-Ann. The night before was the big 'sleep over' at Auntie Anna's. This morning was quite wild. While Auntie Anna was preparing breakfast, the kids, including my Dad were racing back and forth in the living room and upstairs laughing as my Dad tried to tease them by touching their feet with his cane, while the kids tried to jerk their feet away first. Sounded like a thundering herd of African somethings up there. Sensing they needed a bit of the great outdoors, we went to no less than 2 parks right after breakfast where they continued running, climbing and playing hide-and-go seek.

We met up with Jo-Ann and went to Om South Indian Cuisine for their fabulous buffet, and there is a children's price although not listed at the door ($3.99 each). It was a new experience for the kids, and there was a mixed reaction. The adults were swooning with delight at the variety and great tastes at the buffet (coconut rice!).

And the bear story... at the fair after Collette lost her chance playing for the bear, well after a pause to do some other things we were pulled back there... and then Auntie got this gleam in her eye of steely determination, and started pitching balls. Once on a roll, it's difficult to stop until the bear is in hand! The $10, $20 and another $20, etc. sounds dim in memory as one is pitching balls towards the basket and that Hershey Bear is dangling overhead, and moreover, one eager niece is waiting for Auntie to be the hero. As you can see in the photo above, Auntie did prevail (after a while...)

Tomorrow, I'll be posting an eye candy slideshow of the Chihuly exhibit that I took the kids to yesterday in San Francisco. It was quite colorful, imaginative and over the top creative, so stop by before the exhibit leaves in the fall!

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