Monday, June 30, 2008



That's what Tudo means in Vietnamese. And Tudo was quite a cool find, right on Clement Street in San Francisco.

Salt Plum Soda

I tried the Salt Plum Soda, which I actually didn't care for, but I'm sure some would. I loved the use of a red onion skin as a votive cover.


Dad throughly enjoyed his lemonade. He said it tasted quite fresh.

Crab Ragoon

We both enjoyed the creamy Crab Ragoon. The mayo sauce was as spicy as promised.

Crab Spring Rolls

The Crab Spring Roll with shrimp was fresh and pretty and tasted as good as it looked.

Giant Prawns and Garlic Noodles

The Giant Prawns with Garlic Noodles was an aptly named dish. The big prawns were grilled and superb.

Steam Fish in Banana Leaf & vegetable

The Steam Fish in Banana Leaf with Vegetables was amazing. The fish was a white 'basa', and now I know what it means 'to pick the bones'. We went after all the little pieces of sweetly flavored tender fish flesh.

Banana Spring Rolls with Coconut Ice Cream

The Banana Spring Rolls with Coconut Ice Cream were a very sweet and tasty finish.


And we were surprised with a treat on the house of a very rich custard with an amazingly deep caramel sauce. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place for its special dishes and friendly staff.

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