Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gourmet Vietnamese

Pot de Pho

I met Sachiko in the city the other evening for an adventure at Pot de Pho, on Geary. San Francisco has many Vietnamese food choices, and this one is one of the more upscale. It's also mostly organic.

Chả Giò Chay

These Vegetarian Crispy Rolls were quite delicious.

Gỏi Đu Đủ Tôm Thịt

This Green Papaya Salad shocked me with thin slivers of organic pork after taking it upon the recommendation of the server as a 'vegetarian' dish with some seafood. The dish was quite delicious and well-composed, especially if you eat pork.

Phở Seafood Satế

Sachiko heard from the manager that this Seafood Sate is a very good alternative to regular pho, and still has rice noodles as the base. This was the hit of the evening. The seafood flavors were nicely blended in with a delicious reddish sauce.

Chocolate Lavender Custard

And our curiosity drove us to ordering the Chocolate Lavender Custard. It was smooth with a hint of lavender in the chocolate goodness. Put this on your list of places to try if you enjoy good Vietnamese food with extra care given to the ingredients.

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Greg said...

That custard looks so good!