Monday, June 16, 2008

Golden Raspberries

Golden Raspberries in mix

For the finale of Father's Day dinner yesterday, I picked up some beautiful Driscoll's golden raspberries, some regular red raspberries and some Naturipe blueberries. These went over pound cake and topped with whipped cream. The golden raspberries were developed by Driscoll's using natural plant breeding techniques to bring out a recessive gene. These taste fabulous, and were large and juicy. What a pretty way to make a berry topping extra special!


Zoomie said...

My Dad's favorite saying was, "It's the berries!" when he really approved of something. I think that's appropriate here!

Anna Haight said...

Absolutely Zoomie!

collette said...

hi aunty anna
those golden raspberries look really good, maybe when i get up there i can have some with u.


Anna Haight said...

Collette: You can fill up on golden raspberries when you visit me next week sweetie! You are getting awfully clever with the internet!