Friday, March 21, 2008

Only gets better

Table Cafe

I couldn't believe that it has been over a year since I visited Table Cafe in Larkspur. The owner, Suzanne, was there making sure all the details were well in hand. And it is still superb due to the care and attention that permeates this peaceful stop on the quiet side of Larkspur. At the top of the specials blackboard it reads that all produce used is local sustainable and organic. You know that anything you order here is good for the body, good for the soul. Well, some may take exception to that description for the dense Scharffen Berger brownies, but it wouldn't be due to their pure ingredients. And hey, don't healthy eaters deserve a treat now and then too? And what better testament to the purity of the food than the visage of the clientèle. While I was there I only observed the most dewy fresh faced women and cherub children coming through the door.

Carrot soup with Creme Fraiche

Dad started with the Carrot Soup with Cilantro Creme Fraiche. He said he wished that he could lick the bowl.

Steak dosa

He followed the soup with the Steak Dosa (grilled shirt steak, caramelized onions, teleme cheese) with Avocado Orange Chutney. It looked so good, I was tempted to trade him a half.

Fennel soup with Goat Cheese

I started off with the Fennel Soup with Goat Cheese. The flavors fairly sang to the extent I could almost see musical notes rising off the surface. This had to be nourishing.

Crab dosa

My main dish was Crab Dosa (Dungeness crab, cilantro citurs aioli, arugula) with Apple-Onion-Ginger Chutney. It was light and a fabulous medley of flavors. Another thing I noticed that has changed in the past year is that the list of specials has only gotten longer and more interesting. And there are more choices on their take-out section as well. I guess I'm also going to just have to make a 'resolution' to get here for their Saturday brunch soon too as that has been an experience on my 'to have' list for some time now. This is one of the best places in Marin for a casual and healthy, not to mention reasonable (for this kind of food) meal.

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Louis Jaffe said...

I've been eating lunch at The Table about once a week for years. Suzanne is tireless in her dedication to good food and to her clients as people. Highly recommended. - LJ