Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Caffe DiVino

Arty breakfast. Caffe DiVino on Caledonia in Sausalito is a very colorful place where you are surrounded by color and light, and in the evening, every evening music, usually jazz.

Spinach & Ricotta Omelet

I stopped by for some breakfast one fine morning, and ordered the spinach and ricotta omelet. To be frank, it wasn't my cup of tea. First the egg was cooked in a way to have a lacy hard brown coating at the edges and over spots of the omelet, secondly it was very oily on the outside, and my plate had a watery oil slick. The water I expected from the spinach, but not all that oil. Also the menu (I checked twice) did not mention garlic as an ingredient. As you can see, half cloves are sticking out, and it was laced with these. Tasty mind you, but not the smell I want to treat new clients to first thing in the morning after breakfast, so after one surprise bite, I picked them all out. It would be nice to have a warning, as there was nothing wrong with the taste, you just have to pick and choose your times! Also the ricotta (when I pulled up the flap) looked very much like mascapone, very creamy and melty. I like both of these things, but when combined with the wateriness of the spinach it didn't meld well. The primary chef works rather late in the evenings, while the jazz is playing, so I suspect the master chef wasn't responsible for this breakfast. I've had some over the top entrees at night from her. Now if they would just train the day chef a bit...

Fruit side

Oh, and there is a choice of fruit or vegetables as your side with the omelets. Walking past the diners earlier, I can say the vegetables looked fabulous, but I was in a fruit mood and had the most delightful bowl of fresh fruit. All in all, this is a wonderful place for lunch and dinner, and I would choose it on a more cautious basis for breakfast.

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AuntieAnn said...

I've had that happen elsewhere with the garlic. In my case, it was labeled "Garlic Mushroom Chicken", but I still wasn't expecting to find enough whole cloves in my dish to make a couple of heads of garlic.