Sunday, March 16, 2008

The call of the waves

Sand Dollar Restaurant

Paul missed the ocean. Visiting from Portland this weekend, I asked him what he missed most about the bay area. One of the things was the ocean. So for brunch we took off to Stinson Beach. Once there, we found that menu at the Sand Dollar spoke to us best.

Stinson Beach Scramble

Paul liked the look of the Stinson Beach scramble, so that's what he ordered. He said that combination of organic eggs, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, green onions with home fries was delicious. The potatoes had some spicing that colored them dark; they were not overcooked.

Miguel’s Chilaquiles

I was intrigued by Miguel’s Chilaquiles, which consisted of sautéed corn tortillas, tomato-cilantro-jalepeno sauce, Parmasean cheese and topped with scrambled egg & fresh salsa. I'd never heard of such a combination and thought I should be adventurous! And it was a lovely inventive melding of ingredients, which paired well with the fruit that I requested instead of the home fries. The tomato-cilantro-jalepeno sauce wasn't overly spicy and made a nice contrast with the tortilla chips and egg. It was light and struck the perfect note for me yesterday morning.

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Healing Arts Store

Extending our visit to the town, we decided to visit the Healing Arts Store just across the street and a few steps down. It's a small and focused book store with healing object and art pieces inside. If you are interested in the healing arts and metaphysical things it has a collection of unusual books. I always enjoy these independent bookstores where someone has thoughtfully put their own personal stamp on the collection contained.

Deck of store

There were delightful little artful nooks around the outside of the ocean weather beaten exterior.

Sitting area behind store

In the rear of the store there was a table and seating with several artsy pieces about.

Sandtray Room of Self-Discovery

Near the seating, just to the right of the store's entrance, there was a most intriguing small building labeled the "Sandtray Room of Self-Discovery". A little note above the door directed you to ask the person tending the bookstore for a key.


Curiosity peaked, I just had to do so. Inside there were multiple shelves lining the room with all kinds of little figures. There was a chair and instructions on the door.

Sandtray Box

The instructions directed you to get into a relaxed state, and run your hands through the sand in the sandtray in the middle of the room a few times, until inspired to choose some figurines to place in the box, and make designs in the sand. What a relaxing, step-out-of-time thing to do! The previous person made a tableau of what appeared to be Moses fighting a dragon. Use of the room is free, and donations are gratefully accepted.

Stinson Beach Wave

Leaving the Healing Arts Center behind (with a few books and gifts), we made our way down to the beach proper. We caught a few waves.

Anna's feet catching the waves

And I had a blast dancing in them with my Crocs. I'm becoming quite the beach girl.

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Elle said...

Those are super cute crocs! I love the ocean and jumping the waves. Sounds like a great breakfast and good time was had.
The sandtray sure brought back memories. My daughter's best friend in Berkeley had a mother who was a psychologist who was trained in sand tray therapy. She had a room, the old parlor actually, in their old Victorian home. The room was devoted to sand tray, with the trays and walls lined with little figures and small houses and castles and animals and stones...all sorts of things. Later, here in town, my son did some sand tray therapy with a local psychologist. It is such a fascinating thing to do. I guess depending on what you choose and how you place it, the psychologist can see how they need to help you heal. I'll have to check out the one at Dillon Beach. April is the earlies that I will be able to schedule a date, but we really need to do that!