Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bistro 330

A little French joie de vivre. My neighbor Jerrie and I took a drive to San Anselmo the other night to visit Bistro 330. It had a very bright atmosphere and busy owner?/waiter greeted us warmly and sat us.

Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad

Jerrie tried the spinach salad with goat cheese, which she said was very good.

Caesar Salad

While I stuck with the standard Caesar, which wasn't quite so standard here. The dressing wasn't a classical Caesar, but had what I think was balsamic vinegar in the mix. It was quite good.

Mustard Chicken

Jerrie was enticed by the mustard chicken, however it turned out a bit bland for her taste, but was served very artfully.

Grilled Salmon with vegetables over wild rice

I went for the grilled salmon with vegetables over wild rice. That was a perfect combo and my salmon was grilled just right, seared crisp on the outside with the center done through yet moist. All said, the server needed more help but he managed to give pretty prompt service anyway, as the restaurant filled it got a bit noisy, but there is a very fun and happy slant to the whole place. The food was slightly uneven, but basically good. It's Frenchness also showed beautifully.

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