Saturday, March 31, 2007

Avatar's Punjabi Burritos

Popular Mill Valley casual - very casual.
For lunch I finally lucked into a good parking spot on the hill next to Avatar's Punjabi Burritos. With such a name, I would have to get there eventually. Upon walking in, I noticed the same photo as in the Avatar's in Sausalito, and thus found that it is related. This one is much more casual, and just as popular. You just walk up to the counter and order, then your meal is delivered, or in my case handed over the counter to you when ready.

Turkey Sweet Potato Curry

I tried one of their daily specials, ground turkey and sweet potato curry over basmati rice. It was fresh and flavorful and I'd order it again in a heartbeat.


Tea said...

Thanks for your comment on Tea & Cookies. It's a delight to find someone else who understands the extraordinary nature of Japanese white peaches--and a fellow tea drinker to boot!

And I love Avatar's. I used to work in Mill Valley (I'm a native, though I live in SF now) and I went there for lunch all the time. I've only ever had the basic burrito, because I love it so much I just can't bring myself to order anything else. So yummy.

Anonymous said...


I was passing by and your site caught my eye :O)

Nice blog !

See you,


Bob said...

Where else in America would you be able to find Punjabi Burritos except Marin County - the land of 1,000 kinds of different dishes served up in nearly as many restaurants. I'd love to eat my way through this part of the world one day.

Elle said...

Anna, do they really have burritos, the mexican style, and middle eastern food?

Anna Haight said...

Ah Tea, likewise great to meet someone with such similar experiences and interests. I'm originally from Seattle, but feel at home in MV.

Elle, yes they really have a version of burrito - it is wrapped up with a naan type flat bread! Looked really good, but was afraid to have all those carbs thinking the rice and thicker wrap would be over the top for me.

Tea said...

Funny--I'm spending a lot of my time in Seattle these days!

The burritos sound carby, but they are really good. The basic has some rice, curried chickpeas, a yogurt sauce, some sort of relish. I can't remember all the components but it is delicious (though, to be honest, I don't always finish all of the wrapper). Other versions have curried veggies, lamb, etc. It's Indian food, burrito-style.

Any Seattle tips for me? I head back up there tomorrow.

Anna Haight said...

Tea, In Seattle, if you like vegetarian food, Cafe Flora on Madison Avenue is nearly worth the plane fare itself. I also like Catus in Madison Park, and Nishino on Madision Avenue on the way from Cafe Flora to Madison Park. There are others, but these would be a place to start!

Tea said...

This is great--thanks. I've been to Cafe Flora--it's very close to where I am in Montlake--but will have to check out Cactus and Nishino. Such good recommendations (and in my neighborhood too). Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Punjabi Burritos! I've never heard of that, though in NYC we do have "kati rolls"- Indian dishes (usually paneer, or minced meat or cubed tandoori chicken), mashed up, topped with onions and chutney, and rolled into parathas. But this sounds quite different.