Saturday, March 10, 2007


Japanese Fast-Food.
I guess I'm like Bob who commented on one of my Japanese restaurant reviews that he could eat Japanese every day. So here we go again. When I arrived a Matsuyama's I realized that I'd never been here before although I thought I had earlier. Very bright interior, with cheery and prompt staff. I ordered a bento box from their lunch specials - $6.95 for two items, $8.95 for three.

Miso Soup and Green Salad

First to come out was miso soup and salad. The miso was rather thin and lacking in ingredients, but the taste was acceptable.

Obento Box

Then came the box. Tempura, katsudon and california roll. It reminded me much of Yoshinoya's bento box in the Financial District (since departed), ok for what it is, but definitely a fast food quality. Decent quantity for the price. I wonder about their dinner service, will have to try it then sometime, and post a new report.

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Anonymous said...

Matsuyama's is dissapointing for sure. The food is subpar Japanese fare, and not worth the trip unfortunately. The service is off. I think if your palate is not as matured in asian cuisine, it might be fine. However food is not that freshly prepared at all, and is relatively flat.