Sunday, March 18, 2007

Panda's Buffet

All you can eat crab in Novato.
Dad and I made a new discovery of Panda's Buffet, which has been open just a little over two months. The staff is very cheery, and makes every effort to make your experience entirely positive.


The dining room was festively decorated, and the long bars were filled with glistening, freshly made food.

Plate of food

Dad and I made up our plates. I noticed the Princess Prawns right away. Nice but a little too sweet. Then out of the back door came a man with a tray piled HIGH with freshly steamed crab. There was a stampede from the four corners of the restaurant, and it disappeared as soon as it was set down on the steam table. Hmmm... I waited for the next bunch to come out, and was nicely rewarded. It was very sweet succulent crab which needed no seasoning to be delicious. All for $9.95 to eat as much as you like any weekday evening. A hidden bargain!