Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I've had my eye on you.
Yes, I've been keeping my a watch on when the parking/time and open hours worked to pay a visit to Cacciucco on the south end of Sausalito.

Linguine con vongole

I tripped in here for lunch when luck converged. What a friendly manager (owner?)! Although busy, he was very gracious and I had a corner seat near a window in a very pleasant area of the restaurant. I enjoyed a San Benedetto Iced Tea (was impressed it came all the way from Italy, never have seen this kind of care for the ethnicity of iced tea before), and Linguine con vongole. Although traditionally I don't think cheese is eaten atop seafood, I accepted his invitation to shave some Parmesan on it from this huge block of it wrapped artfully in a colorful napkin. It is not a cheap eat kind of place, but well worth the price as it was delicious and the service was impeccably professional.

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Labronicus said...

Hi Anna. I'm amazed that there's a restaurant in the states named after what probably is the most famous fish stew in Italy. I bet the owner is from Livorno, where this dish come from. If you wonder about the original recipe of this dish you may want to visit me at