Friday, March 30, 2007

Pier 6

Dinner on the edge.
Well, of San Rafael's 4th street. We don't usually go down this far, but we were looking for something new and undiscovered. This one beaconed... Pier 6. A clean and low key Chinese family restaurant, it had a great family dinner deal. We first thought to try their all-day dim sum, but were too tempted by the value the dinner deal would provide.

Pot stickers

The potsticker appetizer was served promptly, nearly immediately after placing our order. Meaty, tasty and crisp it was a harbinger of things to come.

Hot & Sour Soup

I don't even like hot and sour soup, but this one was so light and fresh that I enjoyed every last drop. However, I didn't have seconds, even though the serving bowl looked like it would serve us each 2-3 servings more each! Since I liked it so well, it may actually be a sign that others won't unless they have the same taste as I for this particular variety of soup.

Mu Shu Pork

The Mu Shu Pork was actually the most uninspiring dish, but it was still acceptable. And it was thoughtful that plenty of wrappers were provided.

Cashew Chicken

The Cashew Chicken was good. Very nicely sauced and fresh vegetables at their peak. You may have noticed a lot of ethnic food reviews on this blog, particularly of late. The reason is that I'm really making an effort to make it to every eating establishment (other than chains) in all of Marin, and we must have a taste for ethnic food here! And I like ethnic food so it's no sacrifice. This blog has been keeping me actually walking the walk of trying new things, not just imagining that I am and going to the same old favorites.

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