Friday, March 16, 2007

Louie's Deli Cafe

Fresh Find in Sausalito.
I meandered into an unassuming looking deli on Bridgeway the other day, and entered a whole new world! There was a line out the door at noon; I hadn't seen so many people anywhere in north Sausalito except on bicycles on the weekend! I soon found out why. Louie's Deli Cafe with its faded blue awning is the opening to beautifully made sandwiches, salads and staff so cheerful your whole day takes on a brighter hue.

Falafel Sandwich and Fresh Fruit Cup

I tried one of their hot sandwich creations, a falafel sandwich and added a fresh fruit cup. The falafel sandwich had soothingly hot falafels and the freshest, crisp spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes with a slather of hummus, all wrapped up an a warm lavash bread. I always try the fruit cup at a new place with some trepidation as you often as not get rather unripe fruit which spoils it. This fruit cup was generously portioned, and the fruit was all perfectly ripe and sweet. Since it's so close to one of my client's, I'll be back again often I think.

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