Sunday, March 04, 2007


Back to Breakfast.
It's been awhile since making a breakfast post, and equally as long since a morning out on the town. So Dad and I decided it was good timing on Friday. We went to Toast in Mill Valley, which has been there quite awhile now. Since it was called something like Sunnyside the last time I was there you'll know just how long.

Blueberry Flapjacks with Egg over easy

Dad ordered a short stack of Blueberry Flapjacks and an egg over easy. He was happy with his meal and said it was cooked just right.

Norwegian hash

I decided I'd best be adventurous as I would definitely be blogging this first visit, so I had the Norwegian hash, which was divine. Fresh grilled salmon and a mix of vegetables - potatoes, spinach, onions covered with a scrambled egg. It came with my choice of toast, and the wheat toast had some bite and flavor so I was a happy camper. This Friday morning breakfast MUST have given me a lot of energy as I signed up for a PhD program that evening!


Anonymous said...

a Phd program? Wow. Go girl!
This breakfast place look so good. Too bad it's not in Sebastopol :)

Anna Haight said...

Yep! Maybe you'll cover a good breakfast place in Sebastopol?