Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Young CAN Wok

Young Can Wok

but still needs a little work on the accompaniments. Young Can Wok is the newest addition to the Mill Valley restaurant scene, taking over the space formerly occupied by Fishman Village.

Tofu Hot & Sour Soup

I went for lunch and chose the $10.95 Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables. It started with what I thought the waiter said was "Tofu Hot & Sour Soup". The waiter said it as he was speeding off towards the back of the restaurant. It was not a hit with me. Tofu and shredded carrot pieces in a vinegary broth.

Egg Roll

Next came the egg roll, already bathed in sweet and sour sauce. The bottom was soaked, the interior was mostly shredded cabbage, liberally sprinkled with ground black pepper. Pre-saucing the egg rolls is not a good idea, and this wasn't the best thing I had there.

Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables

Now this is what shows that Young CAN wok. This dish was wokked perfectly with lovely tender crisp vegetables and shrimp that were cooked just to the point of doneness. The rather plain fried rice proved a perfect foil for the colorful vegetables. The sauce on the Prawns with Mixed Vegetables was a light garlic sauce, so delicious. The service war rather brusque and slow, and it has just opened, so hopefully things will be more polished on my next visit.

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cookiecrumb said...

That location is cursed. So many have come and gone there. Too bad; good parking (just for instance).
That soup turns me off.
What a shame.