Wednesday, October 01, 2008

North by Northwest


This evening we had a pantry dinner. My Dad loves the Spirals and White Cheddar (Organic), and I always jazz it up a bit with some protein and vegetables. Tonight's picks were Chicken of the Sea Wild Alaskan Salmon, and Cascadian Farms organic frozen mixed vegetables.

Not particularly 'local', but what I had on hand. I checked the labels to see just how 'bad' I am being. The problem is, the labels don't really tell you where the ingredients come from. "Distributed by" is not an indicator, and USDA Certified organic, certainly isn't as farms from around the world carry this designation. All I could determine was that the Spirals and White Cheddar were distributed from Madison, Wisconsin, the frozen vegetables from Sedro Wooley, Washington, and the 'Alaskan' salmon said it was a 'Product of Thailand'!

One pot casserole

"Premium Wild-Caught Alaskan" pink salmon a product of Thailand? Was it processed on a boat in Alaskan waters bearing a Thai flag? Or held frozen and shipped to Thailand for processing? If so, how could I get it for 10 for $10? I checked on Chicken of the Sea's website, and it has a nice description of processing, but is silent as to where... Or is it because Chicken of the Sea is a subsidiary of a Thai company, though distributed via San Diego, CA? From what I can read about Cascadian Farms, if the product is grown outside the US they stamp the package with the country. Mine was unstamped, so I assume it is from the Pacific Northwest. The Back to Nature site keeps talking about Pasadena, CA, but the spirals are clearly marked distributed by a Madison, Wisconsin address. And of course there is no mention of product origins. So it looks like we had a North by Northwest dinner (if it really was Alaskan salmon), although certainly out of the 100 mile range.

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