Saturday, October 25, 2008


owater infused - coconut

In my case, it's clearing out so I can replenish my refrigerator with more local alternatives. I found a couple bottles of Owater Infused - replenishing water (coconut flavor) taking up space for too long. It tasted good and was vaguely filling. I looked on the nutritional label and found it has 32 calories per serving with 2.1 servings in the bottle. Why don't they just say 67.2 calories in the bottle? (17 fl. oz). If it has calories in it, I don't consider it water, but a drink. As drinks go it was pleasant and it does have calcium, d-ribose, potassium and magnesium among its ingredients. I tried their water with blush of fruit a couple years ago.

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Elle said...

Are you free to meet in November? October has been insane, but I do miss seeing you...alot.
The water with calories does seem strange, but I drink tap water with some Meyer lemon slice and am a happy camper, so what do I know?
Hope you and your Dad are doing well.