Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eat Local Challenge

San Anselmo Farmer's Market
San Anselmo Organic Farmstand

E njoy and Indulge in
A ll foods grown close to you~
T rees which thrive nearby...know your name.
L ife energy still runs through that which is freshly harvested and
O ur ancestors planted the beginning seeds which still thrive.
C uz if we don't eat locally- farmers will go out of biz and all foods will all be irradiated and vacuumed out of the earth ..thrown into an ice cold truck by a robot somewhere in Alaska, stamped for approval for human consumption and bugs would not even want to eat it.
Personally, I do not trust any food a bug would not eat!
A pples are happy as they land in the old bin used so many times before
L ove and support that which is all around us
C ook gently the bounty which is our gift
H eartily prepare your Fall and Winter soups
A dmire and smell the scent of the fresh Meyers lemon
L inger a bit longer at the vegetable stand and Farmer's Market
L ook deeper at the local store for the box of Heirloom tomatoes
E njoy and acknowledge each piece as you prepare it
N othing could be fresher than what was grown nearby
G rowers can stay in business and keep producing
E verafter........Happily, everafter.........................

-Jill Casad
Sebastopol, CA

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