Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Crockpot

Crockpot and Apples

The Crockpot

The crockpot sat patiently on the shiny clean counter..........
tick tock.
tick tock.
The clock on the friendly counter was her constant companion.

Her senses were finely attuned as she ever so patiently waited and thought.........would I be replaced by a modern steel, new aged designer crockpot that shone as brightly as the refrigerator?

The back doors opened and the scent of fresh Golden delicious apples filled the kitchen- the entire house- the great outdoors.....the county!
Beautiful Golden laughing apples grown by the tree's dear friend,Linda.
The 30 year old tree outside, planted in love and deep respect and strong soil had gifted us one more year.

The crockpot felt each hand carved apple which Anna peeled, fall into her belly..............
the apple cider vinegar drunkened her for the eve
and the ginger and other spices revived her in the morn.
Oh what a night!
Could it be? Oh.....could it be that apple butter is scenting the room? Dancing and mingling is the valley of the moon? YES...........and I, the ceramic old crockpot, was the composer

-Jill Casad
Sebastopol, CA

And another poem from Jill, who wrote it after hearing that I helped Linda make some apple butter in her crockpot. And after that, from the Mutsu apples I purchased at the Farmer's Market, I made yet another batch of apple butter! I was happy to pass some on to a long time friend I met for lunch at Babbo's on Monday as well, fresh out of the crockpot.


kudzu said...

Love the apple butter posts. This is going to sound like something out of Little House on the Prairie but I lived in a small town in Ohio where they had an apple butter festival in the fall and on the town commons, people took turns stirring huge cast iron pots of the stuff over open fires. When it was done it was put up in jars and sold to raise money for the village. It was magical.

namastenancy said...

This is beautiful - a poem to old, beloved things that have given us good service and good food made in them. Apple butter! My mouth is watering. I'd love to use a crockpot but I fear that the 1910 wiring my my apartment is too fragile for it.

Anna Haight said...

Kudzu, what a wonderful memory that must be. That reminds me of the small town in Washington I grew up in. We made and sold fresh strawberry shortcake. Apple butter lasts longer!

Nancy, Glad you enjoyed it, and sorry you have to be concerned about wiring!

Greg said...

It's crockpot time again thanks for the heads up.