Sunday, October 26, 2008

Did a double-take

Jason's Burger Joint

Although the delicious Jason's moved to Greenbrae, he apparently kept the space in his original San Rafael location on Anderson Drive and turned it into a burger place. A little net research shows that at one time it was going to be Sammy's Burgers, and Jason's Dad Sam would be in charge. I'm not sure what the latest scoop is, but I trust the burgers at Jason's Burger Joint must be good if the place bears his name. We'll see!

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eric said...

just got back from the burger joint. it was FABULOUS. 5 dollar burger cooked perfectly, with every item from bun to bun just right. simple clean and perfect. beyond that, they know exactly how to make french fries - as good as barney's steak fries, as good as marin brewing co. - and isn't that a very true test of a restaurant's knowledge and attention to quality?