Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Polenta Salmon Florentine

Polenta Salmon Florentine

Ever think you are making one dish, and it turns out to be another altogether? Due to thinking you have a specific ingredient, and you don't? I was going to make a salmon dish that is wrapped in phyllo, but when I went for the phyllo in the freezer, I found it was puff pastry shells. So I took another look around the pantry shelves, and made this Polenta Salmon Florentine with things on hand. My measurements are not exact, as that's not the point of this recipe, it was creative combining.


Polenta Salmon Florentine

1 bag fresh spinach leaves
1 small can of sliced mushrooms
1 can Campbell's condensed mushroom soup, undiluted
3 pouches of wild Pink Salmon
1 tube Basil & Garlic Polenta
Shredded cheese to cover dish

Spray the non-stick frying pan (suitable for oven use) with a layer of non-stick cooking mist (like Pam). Dump in a bag of prewashed spinach leaves. Drain a small can of sliced mushrooms, and top the spinach with it.

Mix the can of mushroom soup and packets of Pink Salmon well, then drop and spread evenly over the spinach mushroom mixture.

Ready for oven

Cut the polenta into rounds and top evenly. Cook uncovered in a preheated 375F oven for 40 minutes, then remove from oven and top with the shredded cheese, and return to oven for 5 minutes to melt the cheese. The thing to watch for is having the spinach mushroom mixture lose enough of the moisture before topping with the cheese. This could have been an intended dish it was so good!


Zoomie said...

Anna, seems like you're eating in and cooking a bit more these days than before! Brava!

Anna Haight said...

Yes, the Eat Local theme got me started although sometimes it's a real approximation of local, or just what is in my pantry. I'm also recording it more so I can post. One thing is obvious, it's healthier all around.