Saturday, October 04, 2008

I thought it was 105 miles, but...

Green Onions

when I got the package home, I noticed that as well as saying "San Juan Bautista", it also noted "Product of Mexico". I have not been able to visit the Farmer's Markets these days, so I'm dependent on local supermarkets. I can see that our distribution system needs a shift if we ever want to have eating local be a reality for most people. It takes real planning and dedication to be able to do it for most of your food, especially on a consistent basis given how the system is set up now.

A couple days ago I had lunch out, and it wasn't at a place that made a point of local ingredients. It is a place that I enjoy that has good food, and it was convenient. I thought at least I could ask about the crab in the dish. The response to my query about whether the crab was local garnered the response, "Oh, I think it's canned.", followed by a sheepish look like he might get in trouble somehow and then a "I really don't know". As for me, well I didn't even look up whether crab was in season at the moment. I have to say the crab didn't taste canned and the dish was quite tasty. I was quite surprised to find that the 83% of the seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported (2006 data). Growing up in a place known for its seafood (Seattle), this really shocks me. Aside from importing, it makes me wonder how fish are considered in this eat local challenge. Even if not imported, a lot of fishing is done rather far from the shore... probably outside the 100 mile zone?


Zoomie said...

Do you have Andronico's in Marin? They label where the fish comes from. If not, the Paradise Market in Corte Madera and the Woodlands Market in Ross are also helpful with where their fish and meat are sourced from. Whenever I'm over in Marin, I check out those two markets as they are thoughtful about offering local, organic and free-range choices. On the pricey side but "you are what you eat, so treat yourself well" is my philosophy! :-)

namastenancy said...

I (mostly) stopped eating fish a while back because I was horrified at what we are doing to the earth's fish stocks. The only place close to me that sells fish is Safeway and we all know how "earth friendly" their practices are. However I do indulge in the occasional fish taco at my local Mexican restaurant and I don't ask them where the fish comes from. Oh well, I can always plead the lack of a common language.