Monday, September 28, 2009

Lunch is good too

Corte Madera Cafe

I've always had breakfast at the Corte Madera Cafe, it was high time to try it for lunch. And on such a lovely fall day, and it so near the charming old town area.

Iced Chai

I noted after tasting my Iced Chai that this place has consistently made drinks good enough for me to take extra note. This was delicious!

Veggie Burger - Bocca patty

The lunch menu is quite simple with sandwiches, salads and burgers, and of course the breakfast offerings still available. I thought to try their veggie burger with fries, which is made with a Bocca patty. It was great. I liked the fresh Kaiser bun and the little extra crispness of something added to the french fries. The salads I observed passing by looked fresh and generous. Corte Madera Cafe is worth a visit for a casual and delicious lunch as well as breakfast.

Gazebo in Park near Old Corte Madera Square

It was such a beautiful day that I had to capture a couple views of the outside near the restaurant. There is a lovely small park and gazebo near the larger parking lot. I also noticed that the end of the parking lot is near some charming boutiques and shops that I had previously thought were fairly inaccessible up the windy hill. Now that's a cool find!

Old Corte Madera Square

Across the street is a charming bus stop with a sign letting you know that this is "Old Corte Madera Square". The browning of the leaves is about as much as we get in this mostly sunny, sometimes rainy area as far as showing the fall turning.

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kudzu said...

My grandson started calling the Cafe "the chicken restaurant" when he was much younger because of their logo and the big painting on the wall. He always gets pancakes, whether we go for breakfast or lunch. I love their turkey burger and a version of a Reuben that isn't too much to tackle in one sitting (often a problem at other spots).

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