Friday, September 04, 2009

Translation problem?

La Hacienda

I stopped by La Hacienda Taqueria in Novato a few nights ago. The staff was most smiling and welcoming. I seemed to have a communication problem. I wanted to order their Veggie Chimichanga. I asked for it. The woman behind the counter said "Steamed Veggies". Ah, no I'm not interested in a Steamed Veggie plate (the choice just below Veggie Chimichanga on the posted menu). Ok she said, and motioned for me to sit and enjoy my chips.

Chips & Salsa

The chips were great and it was nice to have both green and red salsas.

Veggie Chimichanga

Then my Veggie Chimichanga came. The board that I ordered it from said: "Flour tortillas with veggies, salsa, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, rice and whole beans on the side. Flour tortillas, check; rice, check; whole beans on the side -- whoah.. no these beans were refried. It got worse. Where is the lettuce that is supposed to adorn the top? Inside. I kid you not - deep fried lettuce! So the inside, besides lettuce had more rice, and voila! the whole beans. I'm sorry it was completely unappetizing and the tortillas were oil soaked. The sour cream wasn't listed, and I didn't mind having a bit, although it was quite a glop on the top. Beware of translation if you visit and don't speak Spanish!

Restaurant Inspection Results

Critical: 0
Noncritical: 1
Last inspected: 5/20/2009

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Anonymous said...

Pretty tough to be a restaurant reviewer and a vegetarian, I think! I have had nothing but great experiences at Hacienda - but I always get something with meat in it! Their tacos and burritos are some of the very best in Novato.